Scorpion PvP
Washington -

Watchman PvP
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Network Rules

1. No excessive profanity such as racial slurrs or sexual references towards other playes.

2. You are allowed to use in-game glitches such as, glitching through rocks, but may not use outside clients to help you!

3. You may not disrespect staff members.

4. No spamming in chat or using excessive capital letters.

5. Do not advertise websites, social media, or your own servers on the Zinidia Network!

*Each server in our network may have additional rules!*

Zinidia Sale
ScorpionPvP is currently running a limited 20% opening sale, ask an administrator for more information!
All purchases are applied to your specified account within one day.
If you have any questions, or concerns feel free to contact
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