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DENIED GrimmWit's Application
#1 I am applying for helper
#2 I am applying for #1
#3 GrimmWits and 76561198310174713
#4 14 Years of age currently
#5 No, but i am admin on the other server
#6 Eastern Time Zone (NYS)
#7 about 3-6
#10 I would like to be added on the #1 server Zinidia staff team because I can assist in near everything (even coding, Dream may like that skill, idk) and I can also deal with players and situations that require alot of patience (im a patient and rational person). I can also be an assitant as in the instance of an admin or otherwise who needs help or assistance. I am also looking ot expand my horizon of servers to work on, whereas i can pull experience from all of these servers that I worked on and use these experiences to help me become a more useful and efficient application.
#11 I can bring coding skills, a strong sense of patience, and I can personally assist people who need direct personal help if any other staff dont want to deal with that specific player or are unable to. I am also pretty good with safezone creations and otherwise, and I can always find the mod needed or desired to be added to a server (I am quite in-depth with everything i do, including interrogations of players, and other things). I can also find my way around getting someone's information for any situation, for example we need to get the info of a hacker, I can do that, and the more that I work alongside staff, the more they learn about me, which would be some stuff that I cant describe or type (it's not innapropriate though)
#12 NEVER!
#13 Several months (approx. 4 or 5)
#14 I am admin on Zinidia #2, i assist the owner of the Sharkbound creative PVP modded server, I also time-to-time help staff on The Nightpatrol servers, and I think that's about it!
#15 N/A (I have YT channel though)
#16 When I got hired on #2, and When I played with Sam for the first time!

Good Luck to any others who apply!
You are not denied for now but there is a few things to fix:
 • Fix the spelling and grammatical errors
 • You are not an Admin on #1 and there is not a #3 anymore
 • Add more to #10 and #11

Once these are fixed please comment fixed so I can check again.
We are sorry but your application has been denied. Please feel free to re-apply in one week. Thank you!

You have been denied because you are not active on Zinidia #1. Also your application has multiple grammar and typographical errors.

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