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ACCEPTED Mortal's Application
Mortal's Application:
#1 What Rank are you applying for?
I'm applying for Owner

#2 Which Zinidia network server are you applying to?

#3 Steam Username & Steam 64 ID
Username: Mortal Steam64ID 76561198195145446

#4 Age (16 for Developer/13 for Helper)
I'm sixteen years of age
#5 Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? (increases your chances)
I'm a donator and I have the Immortal rank
#6 Timezone(Ex. EST/PST/GMT)
I'm in the Central Time Zone

#7 How many hours a day can you be on?
I can be on about eight to ten hours a day and work on file stuff for a few hours

#8 Microphone (Microphone is Required)
Yes, I have a laptop with a built-in microphone

#9 Discord Name (Discord name and ID Ex. Example#0000)
My discord username and ID is Mortal#9916

#10 Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I'd like to be on the Zinidia team because I feel as if I could really bring some spice into the community and I really love Unturned I just don't like fighting against people so I'd like to constantly be in god mode and work on stuff as well as help people and work on configuring. I also want to have leadership experience for my future job because I'm planning on either working in the field of technology or business and I want to learn what todo in certain situations first hand before I go to university and take classes to learn because I'll already have a grasp on what actually works and what doesn't work.
#11 What can you bring to our Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I'm a really good Java developer meaning I could code custom plugins free of charge for the Minecraft Network and I'm getting better at web development because my friends have been doing a lot and showing me what certain things do plus I'm also learning c# aka the current Unturned coding language and c++ the Unturned 4.0 coding language. I also have a lot of leadership experience from Founding OreTrade my first Minecraft server that lasted about two years and then I created Zinidia Minecraft lasting about four and a half years then I created an unturned network lasting about two years so far but its still ongoing. But that's not all I've been staff on one other Unturned server while I deciding if I should start creating Unturned servers and I was staff or Developer on probably about fifty Minecraft servers.
#12 Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server?
I've only been banned from unturned when I was testing out commands but I've been banned on Minecraft many times for random reasons like staff disrespect.

#13 How long have you been playing on Zinidia?
I've been running & playing Zinidia for about five years.

#14 Provide your previous Staff Experience.
I've been staff on one other Unturned Network and I've been admined on many unturned servers randomly But I've had lots of experience running Minecraft servers being staff on at least thirty servers and part of the leadership team on about 16 servers.

#15 YOUTUBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Channel Link/Subscriber Count (Must have at least 100 subs)
I'm not a Youtuber

#16 Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zinidia!
When I met DreaM and he was trying to be as helpful as possible and I'm like "It's not every day you find people who are this helpful and good at their job"
Your application was amazing and we're very excited to see you on our team in the near future

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