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ACCEPTED JayBrug's Application
#1 What Rank are you applying for? (Only Helper/Developer/YouTuber)
#2 Which Zinidia network server are you applying to?
Zinidia #1 Unturned 
#3 Steam Username & Steam 64 ID (Ex. 76561198195145446)
#4 Age (16 for Developer/13 for Helper)
#5 Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? (increases your chances)
Yes, I have Mythical.
#6 Timezone(Ex. EST/PST/GMT)
#7 How many hours a day can you be on?
For now, I can do 2 hours, but for the summer I will be able to do 3 to 4 hours.  
#8 Microphone (Microphone is Required)
#9 Discord Name (Discord Ex. Example#0000)
#10 Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I want to be on the staff team because I really enjoy unturned and I love helping my friend Mortal with Zinidia in general.  I also want to gain more experience with working on an online project so I can learn things for my future job where I hope to do something in the line of either education or programming and working for Zinidia would really help me by teaching me tons about electronics and networking for my future job even if I do go into education because  I could have less issues with technology and I feel like it will be used a lot more than it is today in the future.
#11 What can you bring to our Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I can bring experience from different companies I've worked with and I'm able to communicate with others nicely and professionally helping them with their issues from all the training I've gone through dealing with customer relations in the past.  I can also help Admins by submitting issues people are having that they might overlook or help the admins do everything they can to fix these said issues. Lastly, I'm the kind of guy that if you need a favor I'll help you or the first time you ask for something, I'll do it.
#12 Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server?
#13 How long have you been playing on Zinidia?
9 months
#14 Provide your previous Staff Experience.
No online staff experience, but I do have other work experience with working at a store and at a restaurant.
#15 YOUTUBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Channel Link/Subscriber Count (Must have at least 100 subs)
Not applying for Youtube.
#16 Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zinidia!(edited)
Making a base with AJ who is already a staff member.

Congratulations! You have been accepted as one of our staff members! You should recieve your rank within 24 hours. We are excited to be working with you.

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