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ACCEPTED AJmoore310's Application

#1 What Rank are you applying for? (Only Helper/Developer/YouTuber)
I want to apply for the Chat-Admin
#2 Which Zinidia network server are you applying to?
I'm applying Globally on the Minecraft and Unturned
#3 Steam Username & Steam 64 ID (Ex. 76561198195145446)
Steam username: AjMoore310 Steam64ID: 76561198094615092
#4 Age (16 for Developer/13 for Helper)
I'm sixteen years of age
#5 Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? (increases your chances)
I have the Zinidian donator rank
#6 Timezone(Ex. EST/PST/GMT)
I'm in the central time zone.
#7 How many hours a day can you be on?
I can be on for about one hour and thirty minutes per day.
#8 Microphone (Microphone is Required)
yes I have a microphone
#9 Discord Name (Discord name and ID Ex. Example#0000)
My discord Username and ID is Ajm529#6771
#10 Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I'd really like to help my friend Mortal who I know in real life with his company Zinidia mainly on the Unturned network.  I'm the original person who showed Mortal Unturned and I feel as if I could do a lot more than just showing him the game by helping many players and warning people about spawn killing. That's not the only reason I want to be staff though, I really like to PvP and I want the respect I deserve as a staff member and I want to see from the perspective as a player but have direct contact with the Owner.
#11 What can you bring to our Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
I'm really good at finding the situation to certain problems such as if two people blame each other for a certain reason I can work out the issues they're having.  I can bring my 300 plus hours of experience being a staff member on Zinaida and work out issues I've dealt with before. I mainly deal with spawn killing issues and ramp killing.  I also love to help with mod ideas and configuring plugins as well as giving other staff members ideas to further improve the network.
#12 Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server?
I've only ever been banned as a joke and for testing reasons
#13 How long have you been playing on Zinaida?
since the unturned server started about eighteen months ago
#14 Provide your previous Staff Experience.
I've been staff on Zinaida for just over 300 hours but nothing before that
#15 YOUTUBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Channel Link/Subscriber Count (Must 
have at least 100 subs)
Nope, I'm not applying to be a YouTuber
#16 Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zinaida!
I've done several mass genocides wiping out the whole server worth of players

Congratulations! You have been accepted as one of our staff members! You should recieve your rank within 24 hours. We are excited to be working with you again, welcome back to the team! Unfortunately we no longer utilize the Chat-Admin rank but you will receive the Moderator rank with all of the same permissions and brownie points for a future promotion!

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