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ACCEPTED IAmAGuest's application
1) What Rank are you applying for? (Only Helper/Developer/YouTuber) 
2) Are you applying for our Unturned network or our Minecraft network? 
Unturned. I would like to rejoin the community after I had troubles with my old, horrific, slow computer. I am now back with a better and newer computer. I have been playing unturned for a while off and on and I can get used to playing it again and getting used to the commands once again (It won’t take me long, I am a fast learner). 
3) Steam Username & Steam 64 ID and/or Minecraft Username (Ex. 76561198195145446) 

 IAmAGuest | 76561198146698036 

 4) Age (16 for Developer/13 for Helper) 
17. for helper. 
5) Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? (increases your chances) 
No. I am not a donator. 
6) Timezone(Ex. EST/PST/GMT) 
My timezone currently is central. 
7) How many hours a day can you be on? 
It depends on my schedule. I’ll send out my work schedule every week when I have the time and I can usually be on the minimum of two hours.On my days off I can be on longer but it depends on my mood. Weekends I can sometimes be on but sometimes I might not considering I have plans. 
8) Microphone (Microphone is Required) 
9) Skype & Discord Names (Skype Ex. Discord Ex. Example#0000) 

 Discord (IAmAGuest#7763), Steam (IAmAGuest), Email ( , Phone (I can possibly tell you later if I trust you enough with it but I would need to know your name to go by and your number as well, and Unturned of course (IAmAGuest) 
10)Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words) 

 Why do I want to be a staff candidate on the server, Zindia? Well, let’s start off with the day when I first met Mortal and he first met me. It was on a minecraft server that I was just roaming around seeing if anyone needed help, he surely was stubborn but I understood, I eventually got a rank to help him out, I even started developing his servers. I then quit for a long long time. He then brought up this,”Unturned” game to me and I thought it was interesting so I started playing it (sometimes with him) but then my computer started lagging and now I have a newer and better computer and so due to the case, I am back and would like to rejoin the server and become a staff candidate on Zindia. I am a well organized, talented, sometimes quiet, respectful, loyal, honest man, and I have integrity to show. I have helped him many times in the past and others. I have experienced plugins myself on a private unturned server with administration powers and I got the hang of it. I am able to be a dedicated player or staff candidate towards the server. I am a well dependable player, I have been playing on the server since the first one came up until I had to leave and now this second one, I am back. I will be planning on staying with this server until the day comes to either 1. My computer turns into a horrific nightmare 2. I grow out of it or 3. The server it self shuts down. I have made plenty of friends and people that loved my help and asked for more. This isn’t just from unturned, this is from everywhere including: Minecraft, PubG, Rainbow Six Siege, Computers, Online documents, School work (Mainly family and especially math), Gta, Unturned, and possibly many more. I have moderated many servers through ought my gaming life and I would love to enjoy on being the staff team of Zindia. Thank you. 

 11)What can you bring to our Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words) 

 What am I able to bring to your staff team on Zindia… I have been staff on many, many, many servers. I have helped numerous players, individuals, and teams. I have been a director of a staff division before and it was some fun experience but difficult work. I have created many applications, tutorials, youtube videos, staff meetings, and more. I am a organized well dependable player or staff candidate. I am able to bring intelligence, integrity, cooperation, respect, and professional team work and individual work to hand towards this server. I have worked on many professional servers, built site, built their servers, and built their own staff team by collecting the correct individuals and players. If you do not believe I have the experience and knowledge on being a staff candidate and I am not a well treated player, then I, IAmAGuest, will understand the knowledge of this punishment on being demoted or banned. 

12)Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server? 
Not on unturned but on Gmod. Gmod is a ban, kick, muted, and a trolley game; It’s expected even if you do correct things. 
13)How long have you been playing on Zinidia? 
Well ever since the first one came out, I started playing on it and then my computer went sideways and said no. I then had to wait to save up and get a new computer which I have now and now I am back to playing on Zinidia

 14)Provide your previous Staff Experience. 
I have described my previous staff experience above but I am able to add more. I have been a director on a staff division, I have created servers, developed servers, worked hard on website creations, made logos for teams and players, created staff meetings, brought the staff division together and created a great family community towards our staff itself, and I have had many dedicated servers I have played on before. The most staff experience I have had on unturned is myself working on a private server for friends before and having administration plugins, I got the hang of it but there are many administration plugins on unturned servers that I would need to be trained and cooped with the commands. 
15)YOUTUBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Channel Link/Subscriber Count (Must have at least 100 subs) 

16)Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zinidia! 
When I first started playing and being killed numerous times cause I sucked. 
Playing with Mortal when I could. That was when I had a horrific computer. 
Note if we're thinking about hiring you as a staff member we'll ask you additional questions and when applying you agree to not being upset and quit Zinidia if you don't make it as staff! Make sure you have been playing Zinidia for at least a week before applying! Also, title your application "Mortal's Application" And if your thinking about applying again because you were denied wait a week. 
He started when Zinidia Minecraft first came out because he was staff on my old server OreTrade (I vouch for him)
Network Owner, Founder and Developer since 2013

Congratulations! You have been accepted as one of our staff members! You should recieve your rank within 24 hours. We are excited to be working with you.

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