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Datbois staff app
#1 What Rank are you applying for? Helper
#2 Which Zinidia network server are you applying to? Just 1
#3 Steam Username & Steam 64 ID 76561198213563841
#4 Age  I am 13
#5 Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? I am a gladiator donator
#6 Timezone E.S.T.
#7 How many hours a day can you be on at least 2-4
#8 Microphone Yes
#9 Discord Name eminem is the goat#2921
#10 Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? When i purchased my kit i didn't get it automatically the staff was very kind and helped me through it and set it up for me, that was very professional and i want to do the same for other people in there time on the server. I want to be on the staff team because it new healthy server but new things need help setting up and i want to donate my time to help with that, and help the people with there needs. I love Zinidia it the best server the kits,affordability,staff,pvp,and members who i wanna help.
#11 What can you bring to our Staff Team? A excellent admin and brand new outside of the box ideas to help staff,server,and members. I can bring a new brain full of ideas. I want to help the people and have a good time at the same time. I just wanna help and fill people with joy and excitement and make them come back to the server. When i bought my kit the staff super fast and efficient and i want to be the same and do the same. 
#12 Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server? No
#13 How long have you been playing on Zinidia? about 2 weeks
#14 Provide your previous Staff Experience. I am super admin on 3 Garry's mod servers
#16 Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zindia? Me and my friend raided this guy for raiding us and found a shadow stalker and 20 rails and scopes etc, we got our stuff back and had a awesome time doing it.

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