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TEMPLATE Staff Application Template
Staff Application Requirements:
#1 What Rank are you applying for? (Only Helper/Developer/YouTuber)
#2 Which Zinidia network server are you applying to?
#3 Steam Username & Steam 64 ID (Ex. 76561198195145446)
#4 Age (16 for Developer/13 for Helper)
#5 Are you a donor and if so what rank do you have? (increases your chances)
#6 Timezone(Ex. EST/PST/GMT)
#7 How many hours a day can you be on?
#8 Microphone (Microphone is Required)
#9 Discord Name (Discord name and ID Ex. Example#0000)
#10 Why do you want to be on The Zinidia Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
#11 What can you bring to our Staff Team? (Must be over 75 words)
#12 Have you ever been Banned/Muted on a server?
#13 How long have you been playing on Zinidia?
#14 Provide your previous Staff Experience.
#15 YOUTUBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Channel Link/Subscriber Count (Must have at least 100 subs)
#16 Tell us about one your favorite moments on Zinidia!
NOTE: if we're thinking about hiring you as a staff member we'll ask you additional questions and when applying you agree to not being upset and quit Zinidia if you don't make it as staff! Make sure you have been playing Zinidia for at least two weeks before applying! Also, title your application "<Username>'s Application" And if your thinking about applying again, because you were denied, wait a week.
 Keep in mind, bothering staff about your application will result in your application being denied.

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