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DENIED D3m0's Application
#1 - I am applying for "helper"
#2 - Unturned network
#3 - Steam username - D3m0 , Steam 64 id - 76561197989713894
#4 - I am 14, turning 15 this year
#5 - I am not a donor, i am just a member
#6 - EST
#7 - I can be on for about 30 mins in the week, but weekend, I can be on for up to 10 hours at max.
#8 - I have a microphone(sometimes bugs out and doesn't work)
#9 - Skype (dominic.gopeesinghh) Discord (D3m0#3348)
#10 - It seems like it would be fun, and i would love to help out the server, and be there when it gets bigger over time and it's a fun server and i really enjoy it so, i would love to make it better in any way i possibly can (except i cant donate even though i would if i could but im broke) and the owner himself mortal is really fun to mess with but he is a chill person, so are some of the other moderators.
#11 - Not what i can really bring but i can bring my respect and to help out around the server and help the mods and the owner/co-owner and i think it would be interesting.I can also lay down the rules and welcome new players to let them have a better time on the server so they can come back more often and hopefully bring friends! 
#12 - I have not been banned or muted on any server before.
#13 - I've been playing zinidia for not to long, around 1 month.
#14 - I've had previous staff experience in two servers that got shutdown; cutefluffyballs pvp server/mods/loot+/xp+ , and also on a server called, cool kids modded / loot x10.
#16 - My favorite moments, were when i met mortal i found it funny he didnt trust me at first but i built up his trust over some time now and having him and people i have met on this server as friends, are my favorite moments on Zinidia!!
We are sorry but your application has been denied. Please feel free to re-apply in one week. Thank you!

You were denied because you have not shown us the attitude and professionalism we look for in our staff members. Also, your applications contain many grammatical and spelling errors.

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