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DENIED Banished49 helper application
1. helper
2. global
3. banished49 (may also appear as Jackinabox6) 
Steam 64: 76561198204468845
4. 14
5. no
6. AEST; UTC+10 hours ( Australian Eastern Standard Time)
7. 2.5
8. Apple headphones
9.  Banished49 #1622
10. I would like to be a staff member on all Zinidia servers as I find the servers extremely enjoyable to play on and am also very active in the discord servers, so i feel i could be more helpful to players if I were a staff member, as well as making my, and other players, experience on the server more enjoyable by helping them when they need help, and having access to more areas of the community via the rank.
11. I feel i could bring something to the staff team by being the only (as far as i am aware) person in an Australian Time zone, thus meaning i am able to be on way later than an average staff member, a such being able to help out other individuals such as myself who are in such a diverse timezone, when compared to the average time zones of other staff members, which are EST, PST and GMT 
12. nope
13. since early December so around 4 months-ish
14. none.
15. lol no
16. on Z #2, when i first joined, i made a discord account to join the server and then sat in public after someone told me to join the voice chat, a few minutes later i realised that they were all in group 2.
We are sorry but your application has been denied. We will let you remain staff on Zinidia #2 for now but you will not become one of the Zinidia #1 staff members.

Your application was denied because of multiple typographical errors and the fact that the answers were mostly one-word answers.  This application also had other issues such as calling one of our servers "Z #2" and as a staff member, you should be more professional especially in an application such as this.

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